The following articles and papers were written to help provide some guidance to the person teaching the fly tying class. Teachers have their own "style of teaching." You may find some of these articles fit with your style and some may be a stretch. Remember, students have their "learning styles" and you may have to adjust your approach to them to best present the material to be learned in a form they can more easily assimilate. Treat these guidelines as just that, a suggested guideline these contributors have found to work for them. Each of the authors of the articles,by concensus, have been recognized by their peers as a successful instructor of fly tying. We do not, nor do we plan to, certify fly tying instructors. To our Fly Tying Group, we believe the tying of flies and the instruction process is an art form that takes many forms. We wish to continue to preserve this uniqueness of an instructors approach to their students.