Web Sites

The following web sites have been found to contain information related to fly tying. Many contain video sections whose content varies as the host updates their site. Some are commercial sites and some are not. Since their content often changes, we are not giving an endorsement for the site or its content but suggest you view it to decide if it is appropriate for your needs.


www.midcurrent.com ----- contains a video section having good close-up views at the vise of the tying sequence. The video's have a HD selection for full screen viewing.

www.hipwader.com -------Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Information Resource - contains a large set of on-line fly tying patterns with step by step directions by Rob O'Reilly

www.flyanglersonline.com ------- (FAOL site) Fly Fishing Enthusiast's On Line Magazine, contains on line courses in fly tying---Has a great glossary resource.

www.globalflyfisher.com ------contains an extremely large fly pattern database and a large video selection. High quality tying videos